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What is play therapy?

A weekly play therapy session can help children modify behaviour,

clarify their sense of self and build healthy relationships. 


The creative play is lead by the child and the therapist provides a safe,

confidential environment where children can be themselves, explore feelings

and make sense of the world around them. 


It can support children through a variety of issues such as bereavement,

displacement, divorce,anxiety and additional medical/emotional needs. 

About me

HEad shot_edited.jpg
Zoe Milne
Primary BEd (Hons)
Play Therapist PGDip
Creative Arts Play Practitioner

Hello my name is Zoe Milne and I am a Creative Arts Play Therapist. After working as a Primary Teacher/ Nursery Manager for over 25 years my desire was to help children beyond learning in the classroom. This led me to obtain a Theraplay qualification with BANES and a further Play Therapy/Creative Arts Diploma with Leeds University.

​I currently deliver play therapy sessions in schools in Frome, Bath, Longwell Green and privately in my playroom in Bath.

My sessions are centred around the interests and needs of the child. As the sessions evolve, I draw upon my background of Theatre in Education, Forest School, Nurture Groups, Music and Special Educational Needs Teaching.​


I have qualifications in British Sign Language and Somerset Total Communication. I am trained to use Picture Exchange Communication. (P.E.C.S.)


I am passionate about empowering children to find their own voice and work through their challenges playfully. The greatest accomplishment in my job is seeing a happy child who has the confidence to think for themselves. This ripple effect helps school to be positive and a calmer home life.

Supporting Parents & Carers-

Meetings are confidential

Reports can aid further funding/support in school


Senior Leadership School Staff

I can provide workshops/staff meetings on play therapy and how to provide therapeutic play throughout the day that can help self-regulation and key academic skills. 

Schools who support Play Therapy-

Longwell Green Primary School Bristol

Stanton Drew Primary School Bristol

Chandag Primary School Keynsham

Avanti School Frome

Berkley First School Frome

Vallis First School Frome

Critchill School Frome

Beckington First School Frome

Springmead School Beckington

Leigh-On-Mendip Primary School Radstock

Mells First School Frome 

Hayesdown School Frome 

St.Martin's Garden Primary School Bath

Newbridge Primary School Bath

Widcome Junior School Bath


Supporting School 

I have mentored students at Exeter University and Early Years Staff at schools.


Deliver workshops for school staff that can be tailored to the needs of your children and feed into your school development plan.

Create resources and plan therapeutic areas both inside and outside the classroom. 

Safeguarding & Inclusion 

I fully support diverse families and ensure:

Safeguarding training annually.

Enhanced DBS which is live on the update service. 

Theraplay Level 1 

I have a paediatric blended First Aid qualification.

Individual safeguarding school procedures are followed. I have Level 3 Safeguarding.

I have regular clinical supervision. 

zoe Milne-3.png


Zoe has worked with children with a wide range of vulnerabilities.  She has an empathetic and therapeutic approach with each individual, striving to find out the things they enjoy and also the things they find challenging.  She works with each child to find ways of encouraging them to express their emotions and feelings whilst engaging with play and craft activities.
 The children she has worked with thoroughly enjoy the sessions and talk confidently about what they have made or played.  After a period of several weeks, it is lovely to see the children growing in confidence and looking forwards to their next session.  Zoe builds not only their self-esteem, but also gives children opportunities to develop skills such as baking and making models. 
One of the children was able to share a game he learnt with Zoe and teach it to others which enabled him to feel special.
Claire Chantler Foster Parent/Carer andFormer Headteacher of Beckington and Mells Primary School.
My son’s play therapy sessions were the highlight of his week. Through Zoe’s gentle approach, he was able to work through his emotions whilst having fun at the same time. I noticed a real change in how he was able to express himself more calmly and he had fewer meltdowns.
Parent of Year 2 Pupil
Zoe is a dedicated play therapist, she has skillfully built good relationships with parents of the children she supports and collaborates seamlessly with our Special Education Needs Coordinator (SENDco) to create personalised approaches, leading to measurably positive impacts on the well-being of our children.
Darren Brown Headteacher
Longwell Green Primary School
Zoe helped my son feel valued and listened to and helped him develop broader perspectives about - and approaches to the things happening in his life. She really took care to understand what he needed.
Zoe's legacy is a whole host of strategies to help him negotiate and interpret the world - so important as we look forwards secondary school. She worked closely and sensitively with us both throughout and I really value everything she’s done. If you have the chance to work with her, I would highly recommend you do.
Parent of Year 6 Pupil

What the children think about my sessions.

“This is actually helping me."

''Now I understand why I am angry. ''

“I can make a rainbow river and just dive in.”

"I never knew I could paint."

"Are you the real Nanny 


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